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The swit swoo Magic Mirror Booth

Guests can see themselves in our glamorous reflective mirror, touching the screen to start a series of fun animations guiding them through each photo take.

At the end they are encouraged to sign on the Mirror Booth, before given instant prints as keepsakes and providing memories of their fabulous event.

Signing Feature

At the end of each animated workflow, guests are encouraged to sign their photographic creations adding that personalised touch to their photos.

The signature can be placed anywhere on the photographic layout.

Gesture Control and Scream Features

The Mirror Booth can have that added animated layer of having gesture control which activates the mirror by “smile”, “raising your hands” and also personal detection. There is also a “scream feature” which can trigger off the last photo- great for kids and even bigger kids!

Bespoke and Branded Designs

Every customer is unique and so is their event. Let us create bespoke photographic templates to suit your theme, with branded photos as keepsakes for you and your guests providing beautiful memories of your special party.

We can also offer bespoke backdrops, and will always go the extra mile in accommodating our customers requirements.


benefits-propsEvery event is unique and all our props are tailor made to suit the customer’s theme for their big occassion.



Our magical animated mirror is the latest technology in photo booth fun. Use our free-standing two way glamorous framed mirror to take your guests on an animated journey capturing memories of their evening.


benefits-sign-your-creationThe signing feature allows your guests to write on the mirror and add that personalised message to their photos.


benefits-instant-printsChoose from a selection of print layouts, customise and brand your photos to give your guests fully branded momentos of their evening.

Interested in hiring our amazing animated mirror photo booth!